Youths chase Elumelu away over ‘non-performance’

Youths chase Elumelu away over ‘non-performance’
Youths chase Elumelu away over ‘non-performance’

Large numbers of young people have particularly prevented the minority leader of the House, Ndudi Elumelu, from entering the community due to his inability to meet the community’s challenges as a legislator over the years.

The campaign train from block to block of the People’s Democratic Party in the Delta North Senate District was stopped on Tuesday by angry youths from the Oko community who say politicians are only bringing false political promises.

The senatorial candidate, Ned Nwoko, talked to them after hours to calm the nerves of the youths.

The youths reluctantly listen to Nwoko, as they lament the hardships the community has faced over the years.

Speaking on behalf of the group, the youth leader said the community was fed up with politicians’ empty promises.

“Since 1999, the PDP has come here to campaign, but after the election, they don’t remember the Oko community. No roads, no electricity among other social facilities.

“We voted for this PDP in all the elections, but showed nothing about it. Elumelu came and made false promises.

“And he came back to cheat on us for the fourth time, that’s our anger and we don’t want any more promises like that,” the youth leader said.

However, the youths forced Elumelu and others to go to the community shrine to swear that they would care about the fate of the community, especially the roads, if elected.

Meanwhile, Nwoko assured the community that roads from Oko to Ndokwa East to Isoko and Warri would be built.

Nwoko also promises to tackle the flood threat that devastates the community every year.

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