Yahoo boy killed by brother in Sapele

Yahoo boy killed by brother in Sapele
Yahoo boy killed by brother in Sapele

According to people who know Chop Ukodo, he is a funny and respectful young lad in Old Road, Amukpe Area. How the young yahoo boy got murdered by his own blood brother.

The yahoo boy is popularly known as “Chop Ukodo”

That he came from a very poor background with no one to give the family hope of survival, and as such Chop Ukodo ventured into Internet Fraud popularly referred to as yahoo yahoo.

As time goes by, Chop Ukodo began to defraud unsuspecting people of their money from the internet fraud, to an extent that he saved up money to build a house upto linthel level.

He carried out another fraud and got another money some few weeks ago, but Chop Ukodo used his brother’s account to receive the money.

Allegedly, after the brother received the money, trouble ensued and one thing led to the other, Ukodo and his brother were engaged in a fierce argument over the money, and then resulted to fight.

Chop Ukodo brother then used razor blade to slit Chop Ukodo’s throat.

He was rushed to the nearest hospital but they could not handle the case, he was thereafter referred to another hospital, but unfortunately Chop Ukodo gave up shortly after.

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