Woman st*bs man to d*ath in Delta during a fight

A Delta woman identified only as Gift has allegedly stabbed an unidentified man to death, when her supposed lover, the deseased, caught her with someone else, confronted her in the apartment of her other lover during which a fight ensued between the duo.

In a video posted on Twitter on Wednesday, Gift after being arrested could be seen handcuffed to a car seat, where she confessed to the crime during questioning.

She claimed that the fight ensued when the deceased caught her with another person in the said person’s house, after which he accusted her and they then engaged in arguments that led to a fight between the two.

In the video, she also disclosed that she hails from Delta State and lives in Uwoghwa.

The suspect said the deceased came for her first when he saw her in someone else’s house.

A woman identified only as Gift, has stabbed a man, whose identity was yet-to-be disclosed to death.

The middle-aged woman stabbed the man to death during a fight that ensued between them in the apartment of the other person she is said to be cheating with.

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In a video that surfaced on social media, after being arrested by the police, Gift confessed to the crime, as she was handcuffed to the backseat of a car.

While being interrogated, the suspect said she started to fight the deceased when the latter challenged her after meeting her in another person’s house.

Gift confessed to the alleged crime by saying, “He came to meet me in somebody’s house and caught me with the person. We started arguing which resulted to fighting when he caught me in the person’s apartment.”

When asked if that was what prompted her to kill the deceased, she simply said, “he came to meet me first.”

Source: Pulse NG

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