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Blessing Obasi: Why I married a younger lover

Blessing Obasi: Why I married a younger lover

Last updated on October 12th, 2023 at 06:07 pm

Talented and comic Nollywood actress, Blessing Obasi well known as Ije Baby, when it comes to the matters of the heart, has said that age is just a number when asked about her husband actor Stan Nze.

Blessing Obasi, an actress and also a producer is happily married to her younger colleague, Stan Nze.

Blessing Jessica Obasi now Mrs. Nze said in a recent interview with Vanguard Allure, when asked to weigh between age and love because marrying a young lover must have been quite a tough decision for her.

She affirmed that, ” Age is just a number, and that what matters is the two hearts that beat as one. I never saw marrying a colleague coming my way. Absolutely not.

Never. I never would have imagined that I’d get married to my colleague or even anyone in entertainment because I used to think men in entertainment industry cannot stay with one woman, that they are cheats

I saw them as promiscuous people and so I never saw it coming at all.”

When she was asked to mention three things, she would like to change about her husband, Mrs Nze said, “well, I’d say absolutely nothing. I’m happy with the peace that I enjoy with my husband and he is a man that daily strives to be better. I’m not aiming at changing anything, absolutely nothing.”

Blessing Obasi, reveals her greatest fear as a woman who is married, she said, “When people get married, they get so comfortable.

It feels like a box that has been ticked but they are not really interested in servicing it as such.

You have ticked the box and you have moved on so what else? So, I think my greatest fear will be not really nurturing my home, keeping and building my home to be that place I always want to come back to and make it a safe place for my husband.

Sometimes, you see some couples fight like enemies and you begin to question why because, they used to be in love. So, what went wrong?Like my husband will always say, this one that this love is just doing us, hope tomorrow we would not later say ‘go to your tent O Isreal’ and I just say, ”we don’t need to work too hard to make this thing, we are already here.” And the next thing would be motherhood, that’s what the world expects of you.

With all these fears that will come because I’m a human being, I put all my trust in God because he is our foundation, He’s our essence, He’s everything to us and no matter how tough things get, ‘las las’ I go back to Him to say, God, you are the foundation of this thing, this home and this marriage was built upon the solid rock which is, you, Jesus Christ and you alone will teach and navigate this journey with me. So, I’m taking it one day at a time asking the Holy Spirit to help me.”

Blessing Obasi Biography

Blessing Jessica Obasi was born in Kano on 12th May, the year is not disclosed. It is however speculated that the actress is ten years older than her hubby. This could mean the actress is 43. In an interview with BBC pidgin, her hubby confirmed she is his senior. He also gave reasons why he went ahead to get married despite the age difference. He revealed that he does not mind the buzz around their marriage, revealing he is comfortable with her and she gives him peace.

For the young actress, growing up in a strict Christian home was not without its own challenges. In an interview, she disclosed how she was once beaten by her mom for having relaxed her hair to go for an audition. According to the actress, she didn’t seek her mother’s permission before this because hair relaxing was against her family morals. She had been taken to a salon later to have her hair cut low.

At first, her family especially her mother didn’t quite support her acting ambition. According to her, the woman was often upset with this and told her to concentrate on getting a degree instead. But the ambitious Blessing would never give in, as she finally got roles in few of the movies auditioned for. Aside this, the actress hasn’t really disclosed much about her family.

Blessing Obasi Husband
Blessing Obasi dated actor Stanley Ebuka Nzediegwu professionally known as Stan Nze for a while and they got married on 11th September, 2021. The cheerful thespians compliment each other so well whenever they fall together on a movie set.

Education and Career
Blessing attended primary school in Kano State and started her secondary education at African Church Model College, Ifako, Lagos, but completed same at Government Girls College, Umuahia where she got her SSCE.

On completing her secondary education, the fluent speaking actress relocated to Lagos where she gained admission to the prestigious University of Lagos. After four years she obtained her first degree, B.A in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from same institution.

Luckily after NYSC, Miss Obasi got employed in a notable Oil and Gas firm, a job position which she combined with her acting career. She would often leave the office to shoot movie scenes and this didn’t augur well with her boss. She was made to choose between her job and passion. Accordingly, after just a year and a half, she left the oil and gas industry and never looked back. With persistency and passion, she got to stardom shortly afterwards with her exceptional roles in several movies.

Blessing Obasi has produced about seven movies for D’Esperanza media.

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