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Why I had two abortions at 19, 24 –BB9ja Phyna

Why I had two abortions at 19, 24 –BB9ja Phyna

Last updated on October 10th, 2023 at 10:30 pm

In an interview, BB9ja 2022 reality show winner Ijeoma Otabor aka Phyna shares her life experiences before and after winning the show.

What’s life like after winning the reality show BB9ja 2022?

It’s great, and everything falls into place. Sometimes I try to balance out all my new life even though it’s not always so rosy, I’ve gotten used to it.

What was life like before winning the show? Life is a struggle and being the eldest in the family, before BB9ja, I had to work. I did different jobs for money.

I went to the clubs to advertise heavily; I cook, I do people’s hair and I also do makeup. I used all my skills to make sure I could support the household. So life is a bit difficult. But now things are better.

What motivated you to participate in the program? Have you ever considered victory?

Growing up, I always said that I wanted to be a celebrity. I love acting but getting into the spotlight in Nigeria is quite difficult.

So I’ve always wanted a background because I know it can be useful. For years, I’ve been dealing with BB9ja, trying to get into the house.

I auditioned four times and the fifth time I got accepted. Entering the house, I never intended to fight; I just want to stay inside. The Platform is the goal, so that’s it.

How do you feel about people’s reaction to admitting to having had two abortions?

In my family in general, we are very open. People just read the meaning of things and say what they want, I really don’t care. I just laugh at their answers because those who know me know me, I’m an open book.

I actually replied to this woman when she said, “I can’t answer you, you’re an abortionist,” and then I said yes that I had an abortion. It’s good that people want to see me, I’m not ashamed of anything about me.

If I ever make a mistake, I realize my mistake. When my dad called me about it, he asked me why I said such things, I just told him that I learned it from you oo.

Can you tell us the reason for the decision?

As for my reasons for taking the abortion pill, if there were 100 women in Nigeria today, 98 would have had an abortion. So no one should judge me. I was in a 12 year relationship then and I was too young.

The first abortion took place when I was 19 years old; I couldn’t go home to tell my parents that I was pregnant at that age. And both pregnancies were too early, about two to three weeks, so I used tablet.

The second time was when I was 24 years old, and by then I was done serving. I was ready to keep it, but the relationship was becoming more and more toxic. He abused me and beat me all the time.

I thought I couldn’t do this anymore, so I pulled it out and that’s how I ended the relationship.

Would you consider having an abortion if you were in your current state?

Why should I do that? Like me now, I have money to take care of 10 children, so why? In fact, if my parents were rich at the time of my first pregnancy, I wouldn’t have aborted it.

But knowing that I come from a very poor background, we usually eat once a day, especially in the afternoon, and then take it till the next day.

So keeping the baby at the time was not an option for me.

As a celebrity who has a great influence on young people, what is your opinion on abortion?

Before God, it’s a sin and I prayed and went to confession. I am a Catholic and I know that God has forgiven me.

It’s what God says that matters. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says.

I don’t take pride in having an abortion, but the circumstances surrounding it are something I could not stop.

To me, I don’t see the essence of bringing kids into the world when you’re not ready.

So either you abstain from sex, or you protect yourself, or when it happens; you may be willing to take care of the baby or take it out , especially when the situation is beyond your control.

Everyone has their own purpose behind their actions, it’s just that there are some people who are not afraid to have an abortion, which is not good.