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Papa Ajasco: Veteran actor passes away

Papa Ajasco: Veteran actor passes away

Veteran Nollywood actor, Femi Ogunrombi, popularly known as Papa Ajasco, is reported to have passed away on Saturday evening.

Femi Ogunrombi was a veteran actor in the Nigerian film industry, known better by his stage name “Papa Ajasco”.

He rose to fame after emerging as a lead character in the comedy TV Series “The New Masquerade”, first broadcasted in 1998.

This earned him national critical acclaim for his role and character which further established him as a household name across Nigeria.

Over the years of his career, he had featured in over 200 movies such as ‘I” Ca Blow Your Mind”, “Wetin I Benefit” among others, Leaving an indelible mark that has helped to shape the society’s view of what is artful and humorous television and film content.

He had been commended nationally for his impact on the movie scene and also production with his veteran status having earned him countless awards.

Including ‘The Ground Breaking Contribution award’ c onferred on Papa Ajasco by The Association of Movie Producers in 2011, amongst other accolades bestowed upon him.

The veteran actor was once quoted as saying; “My interest is always to touch people from within; when you watch any movie I appear in you know that somehow someone is going to learn something positive from it“ echoing his desire to leave positive imprints on viewers through quality artistic productions in Nollywood for decades.

Since news of Papa Ajasco’s death broke out there have been various tributes coming from both friends and colleagues while some members of the public showed appreciation great work by repeatedly watching his movies online or replaying past skits since news broke out about the deceased icon’s demise on Saturday evening

It can be recalled that despite being forced into retirement due to old age, Papa Ajasco maintained relevance and pioneered some new projects that highlighted him even more further cementing his iconic stature within Nollywood circles therefore leaving behind an amazing legacy within Nollywood halls.

During one interview session he said; My biggest ambition when I started out was reaching stardom before fifty years old, unfortunately though it happened much later but still didn’t make me unappreciative because I gave my all over these years till that point knowing not everyone gets what they want at specifically stated time frames but being less than pressed when good fortune awaits them later down their life’s journey ended gracefully adding more substance to my joy.

His death was confirmed by a theatre practitioner, Husseini Shaibu, via his Twitter handle on Sunday.

He wrote, “I have just been reliably informed that the ethnomusicologist, former Music Instructor with #NATIONALTROUPE and one time stand in for the ‘Papa Ajasco’ character on the popular #waleadenugaprod comic series ‘Papa Ajasco’ Mr. Femi Ogunrombi is dead.

“I am told that the actor, singer, highlifist and trained nurse whom we fondly called ‘Uncle Ogurombo’ (not to his hearing though) passed on this evening (Saturday)”.

Ogunrombi was popular for his role in Wale Adenuga’s Comedy series, Papa Ajasco.

Ogunrombi took over the character, Papa Ajasco, when the former character, Abiodun Ayoyinka pulled out of the show.

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