Tonye Cole disqualified as APC governorship candidate

On Thursday, the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt disqualified Rivers State All Progressive congress party candidate Tonye Cole for dual citizenship.

Tonye Cole is said to be a British citizen.

The court also ruled that the APC had failed to comply with election laws that introduced Cole as the party’s candidate.

The Rivers People’s Democratic Party told the court that the Independent National Electoral Commission accused Tonye Cole of having dual citizenship and that the election of delegates that elected him did not follow due process. , ordered Tonye Cole not to be recognized as a gubernatorial candidate for the APC because it is not overseen by INEC.

Judge Emmanuel Obile, in his ruling with the People’s Democratic Party, agreed that Tony Cole was ineligible to challenge the governorship.

He then ordered INEC to remove Tonye Cole name from the list of eligible candidates for the 2023 gubernatorial election. However, the court’s decision contradicts previous rulings on a preliminary appeal in a lawsuit filed by the APC against the PDP and its gubernatorial candidate, Siminialaye Fubara.

In that case, Judge Obile ruled that neither party had the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the other, and said the court had no jurisdiction to hear the case.

Speaking to out-of-court journalists and his PDP attorney, Dike Udenna expressed his delight at the ruling, which means the APC has no gubernatorial candidate for his 2023 general election. .

APC attorney Collins Dike said APC will appeal to the Court of Appeals.

He said that because he was born in Nigeria, the Nigerian constitution allows him to run for governor. Lawyers said Tony Cole “voluntarily acquired British citizenship” which does not prevent him from participating in elections.

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