Phyna dancing with Kizz Daniel in his studio

Adorable video of reality show winner Phyna was seen dancing together to Kizz Daniel’s Cough song.

The video melted hearts on social media as fans commented on how well both stars looked good together via a recent post.

In the post, Phyna was spotted dancing to the hit song Cough with Kizz Daniel in the studio.

Phyna continues to whine about her hips while Kizz stands behind her and raises his hands up as if to indicate he’s not touching her.

The music star made a caption for the post and welcomed Phyna into his studio. “Welcome to Asgard Darling #Cough”

Nigerians reacts to the BBNaija’s star and Kizz Daniel Dancing in the studio.

The Cute video of Kizz Daniel and Phyna was flooded with comments on social media.

Read some of the following comments:

simply_tacha: “Beauty Overload!!! A very fine Girl.”

bellaokagbue: “Why am I blushing?” “

haaaa my chest Ooooo Thank you for raising your hand anyway.

That certainty is enough for me.”

Beautiful Why is Kizz Daniel so handsome?

Why is she looking at Kizz Daniel that way?”

just_barakat_: “My baby is so sweet when she looks at him and smiles innocently, y’all”

chizoba_nwokoye: Like me here “

margaretakpabi: “God help me oooo! This video is so addicting, as of last night it’s been viewed about 50 times, my two favorites in one video “

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