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Nkechi Blessing gifts guests sex toys at her party

Nkechi Blessing gifts guests sex toys at her party

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing came up with a rather interesting way to appreciate her guests for attending her party.

Nkechi Blessing celebrated her birthday in style as she decided to throw a pamper party for her guests.

What better way to show your gratitude than to thank them with a night of relaxation? Her guests were able to enjoy massages, facials and manicures—all while sipping on delicious cocktails and catching up with one another.

Give out vouchers

Instead of giving presents or gifts, Nkechi Blessing opted to give out vouchers from some of Nigeria’s most luxurious brands such as Moët Chandon.

Remy Martin and Swarovski, this was an excellent way for her friends and family to treat themselves without spending money from their own pockets.

Have a photo booth setup

Photos are the best way to preserve memories, so having a photo booth set up was only fitting for Nkechi Blessing’s special occasion!

Not only did it provide entertainment for her guests, but also allowed everyone in attendance the chance to take home their own snapshots of the memorable events that night.

Rent out a luxury venue

No extraordinary event goes unnoticed—especially if it’s held in an equally extraordinary place!

Nkechi Blessing chose an exquisite venue that delivered ultimate sophistication and comfort; where her closest friends could sit back comfortably while they enjoy each other’s company over great food and drinks.

Personalized messages

What made this appreciation even more personal is that each of the attendees received personalized letters from Nkechi blessing herself!

She took time out of her busy day-to-day life and wrote handwritten cards expressing her gratitude towards their loyalty and support, which made it all extra special for them!

Gift bags

Apart from the luxurious vouchers given away throughout the event, each guest walked away with unique gift bags full of goodies from famous lifestyle brands such as Mac Cosmetics, Benefit and Bobbi Brown – further adding to their delightful experience at Nkechi’s celebration!

The actress also gifted guests dildos as part of the souvenirs after they attended a party she hosted in honor of her mother.

Dildos for souvenirs:

Nkechi Blessing on Saturday, 24th September 2022, hosted friends and well-wishers to a party in remembrance of the 1-year demise of her mother.

The party held in Lagos was filled with glam and splendor, and when the guests were ready to go home they were handed souvenirs as it’s the custom in Nigerian events.

Nkechi, however, elected to spice things up by including different types of dildos in the gift bag.

One of the guests at the event shared a clip of her gift bag and the different sex toys in it on social media and it instantly generated attention.

It’s however, uncertain if the souvenirs containing gift bags were given to male guests as well.

Nkechi and Sex Toys: Nkechi Blessing has previously displayed her large collection of sex toys via her Instagram page.

Readers will recall that the actress highlighted her strong love for dildos after she claimed her erstwhile husband failed to satisfy her needs.

Perhaps, it’s this love for sex toys that inspired her to gift out dildos in the hope of getting others to pursue similar pleasures.

Donate gifts in exchange of theirs

As an added bonus, Nkechi took initiative by giving back; instead of collecting gifts on her behalf—she donated hers in exchange of theirs!

By doing this she showed that even material things don’t have power or control over us —and that we can make donations through our own means as well—influencing other by showing what we really stand for!

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