Nigeria will know no peace until Nnamdi Kanu’s release

Renowned Nollywood actress and television personality Rita Edoche has declared that Nigeria will never find peace until the federal government releases Biafra’s Indigenous Peoples (IPOB) leader Nandi Kanu. .

While condemning Nnamdi Kanu’s continued detention after the Court of Appeal’s ruling, she warned that it would be the worst experience if anything happened to him during his detention.

But the actress, who called on people in the Southeast to unite and demand Kanu’s release in a post shared on her Instagram page on Monday, said the Southeast would never achieve a push for the presidency without Kanu’s support. She pointed out that it was never possible.

she said: There will be no peace in Nigeria as long as Kanu is still in prison. Ndi Igbo I laugh, Ndi Igbo wake up. Onye Igbo can’t smell president without Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu.

“It’s spiritual. Fight for yourself first and God will end the fight. Ndi Igbo let nothing happen to our great brother, Nnamdi Kanu . Chukwu okike abiama awaits action from Ndi Igbo. God never sleeps. ”

The Abuja branch of the Court of Appeals acquitted Kanu of 15 terrorism charges brought against him by the federal government in October 2022, and the Court of Appeals unanimously ruled against Kanu and objected to the proceedings brought by the Federal High Court in response to 15 allegations of terrorism.

The separatist leader was in U.S. Department of State (DSS) custody after being illegally arrested and extradited from Kenya to Nigeria in June 2021.

Kanu faces near-treason charges brought against him by Justice Minister Abubakar Malami in the High Court in response to his IPOB’s long-running campaign for an independent Republic of Biafra.

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