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NECO releases 2022 SSCE results

NECO releases 2022 SSCE results

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released this year’s Senior School Certificate exam results for students taking the exams in public and private schools.

Students can now easily check their results online with their NECO registration number on the NECO website.

Students who have difficulties checking their results online or those who need additional support can visit any of the local NECO offices which have been set up to receive and help students access their results quickly and easily.

The offices are staffed with certified personnel to aid in student’s requests.

NECO follows a 10-grade system using numbers from A1, B2, and so on down to F9 to measure the student performance in each subject presented at the exams.

Students must score above 50% in order to be eligible for admission into tertiary institutions such as universities, polytechnics, colleges of education etc.

While 51-60% is considered an average grade whereas 61-80% is considered good grades respectively

The great news is that students can verify their senior school certificate exam result free by visiting any higher institution within three weeks of results release date through its online portal with just a simple click

from your computer screen.

This process eliminates time wasting of submitting other documents when seeking admission into higher institutions for academic purposes.

After getting confirmation from a higher institution about your certificate document you should consider embarking on verification processes before officially enrolling as a student which requires documents such as birth certificate; identification card; passport photo.

Among other necessary documents required for submission at designated centers before completing the process called clearing which gives permission after verifying the candidate’s credentials both offline & online against what was submitted originally before gaining full access rights available upon activating pin code sent via email or SMS.

Once you are given an acceptance letter into various tertiary institutes, it’s important you agree to terms contained by signing off acceptance electronically by clicking “I Agree” option which binds one legally upon full payment often facilitated through various easy payment options available such as bank transfer, electronic banking among other possible payment channels approved by the tertiary institution.

Last but not least, it would be wise for students preparing for next year’s ssc examination to get prepare on time where they could purchase past questions materials ahead of time and start researching topics relating to it.

So as to get greater insights, tips and focus more attention to things that are likely to come up during examination proper.

Exploring cultural/social aspects within content make notes, key ideas explored so as to gain deep knowledge of the field under consideration.

The number of candidates who made Credit and above in the English language is 889,188 representing 74.89% while the number of candidates who made Credit and above in Mathematics is 929,140 representing 78.23%.

The result also shows that the number of candidates who made five credits and above including English and Mathematics is 727,864 representing 60.74%.

Total number of candidates who actually sat for the examination is. 1,198,412 out of 1,209,703 actually registered for the examinations.

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