My body yearns for sex -Olayode Juliana

My body yearns for sex, eager to get married -Olayode Juliana
Olayode Juliana

Olayode Juliana, more commonly known as Toyo Baby, has been open about her body’s continued sexual demands, saying she might marry to satisfy her cravings.

The actress in a video shared on her Instagram said that although her body craves sex, she should continue to abstain from sex until marriage.

Olayode, who lamented that her body seemed to be its enemy, said her mind had been yearning for sex for a while and it made her think marriage might be her next plan.

Toyo Baby, as she’s affectionately mentioned in the series Jennifer’s Diary while still a part of it, argues that she needs to be open about her struggles with sex drive to encourage others in the same situation as her.

“Your dear sister has been through a lot. My body turned against me as if I knew nothing. Abstinence from sex is becoming more and more difficult.

Everything in my head screams sex,” the actress said.

“You don’t know that, with the same pressure you’re under, I’ve had to go through even worse things. The way things are going, I’m thinking about getting married for sex.

Juliana Olayode, while advocating for abstinence from premarital sex, has urged fans to find resilience in their faith.

“I’ve never had sexual difficulties like in the past few months. The temptations were so great. I almost thought I was bewitched,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

“Once again I am reminded that in this journey you will lose your strength and it takes God to please God.

We cannot walk this path relying on our own strength or we will fall.

“I decided to share my battles, just to encourage at least one person. Some of you who think I have superpowers know that I am just as flesh and blood as all of you.

“Abstaining from sex or staying sexually clean is a decision I have to make every day.

“It’s also to encourage those who have almost given up on this journey to keep going. Remember why you started and get strength from God and His word,” she said.

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