Movilift made in Italy, Elevators and Escalators

Movilift made in Italy, Elevators and Escalators

MoviLift made in Italy is a specialised complete lifts and electronics manufacturer. Exporting to more than 40 countries around the world, committed in providing the best possible experience to customers, you can rely on MoviLift expertise on the field to solve Elevators and Escalators need.

Movilift made in Italy, Elevators and Escalators

MoviLift is eco sustainable, providing zero energy Elevators using batteries and photovoltaic panels.

MoviLift develops IOT systems interfaced with CANBUS technology making it possible to monitor a lift remotely via a GPS network.

Counting on a centennial experience, the Italian Elevator sector is among the world leaders for solutions thanks to its Elite Line. Solutions that can be translated into energy saving.

MoviLift is suitable for any type of architectural context.

It is distinguished by its silence, reliability, safety and ease of installation.

Movilift made in Italy, Elevators and Escalators

Incase of power supply interruption, the machine automatically returns to the lowest floor.

Elevators and Escalators can be installed in new buildings or existing buildings and it is possible to provide a metal structure for interior or exterior.

MoviLift can be completely customised in coatings and accessories and it is safe and certified product.

The company also has light line Escalators and Moving Walks, specifically designed for an international market, it has elegance, good design, free structure and graceful style.

This up to date product with its ultra thin handrail, stainless steel ballustrade, profiles and structural land plate, is particularly suitable for shopping centres, hotels, banks etc.


Movilift escalators and passengers conveyors, complying Europe latest EN115 & China GB16899-2011 standards, are adopted new materials and advanced technology to carry on its own design and manufacture.

They have smooth operating, little noise and high reliability with a strong structure.

They are durable and easy to maintain.

Its superior design concept features advanced manufacturing process, escalator and passenger conveyor with exquisite structure excellent step road, delicate lead way and an elegant shape.

Movilift escalator and passenger conveyors has full range of specifications, beautiful shape, flexible layout which are widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, airports, exhibition centres.

Goods Lifts

Heavy duty elevator adapts itself to fit yor needs, from its size to its equipment features and operation.

Whether it’s in garages, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping centers, schools, or buildings for the healthcare industry.

Depending upon your needs and the site where it is to be used, the drive may be electromechanical or electro-hydraulic.

The traction elevator system is especially suitable for complexes with heavy traffic, where multiple elevators work in group control and increase efficiency of transport.

Hydraulic elevator systems offer an extraordinarily economical solution for low maximum rise situations of up to 18 m, particularly for single applications and for elevators for cars.

Eco Sustainability

Being eco sustainable is a part of our identity.

That’s the reason why in 2013 we launched the first elevator using renewable energy,  Zero Energy, this elevator uses batteries and photo voltaic panels to provide an house to use an elevator without polluting the enviroment.

State of the art Technologies

Providing the latest technologies in comfort and safety is another movilift’s core statement.

We accomplish this by keeping the needs of our customers when developing new products
If you’d like to learn more about it check out our technologies and safety certicates.

Customer Relationship

We value our customers needs, our main strenghts are immediate communication and live support.

We also value providing customers with useful information, making it easier during each phase of an elevator project from its design to installation.

Our team of technical assistants will be ready to help you anytime
We know the difficulties of this industry especially when trying new products and the information needed isn’t available. that’s why we’ll try making it easy for you.

The Italian Elevator Company

The Company

Movilift is a specialized complete lifts and electronics manufacturer.

Among its products there are also fixtures, control boards and pre-wired solutions, always made with passion and a high level of quality.

Today, the company is focusing on the new markets dynamics and is increasingly claiming new manufacturing techniques, and products development.

Made in Italy is the Movilift motto and offers the chance to export the products all over the world with increasing results.

Exporting to more than 40 countries around the world, Movilift is based in a logistic centre, taking advantage to perform shipments within the same day of the order confirmation.

The History

In the early 70’s Movilift founder, Francesco Pietrodangelo starts his experience in the elevator industry, in the family company, founded by his father, Aldo Pietrodangelo dedicated to installation and maintenance.

It’s 1999 the year Movilift is founded, its founder Francesco Pietrodangelo had already experience in the elevator industry , thanks to many years of training in the family company, he starts developing his ideas in reality, establishing himself in the national market manufacturing controllers for lifts, appreciated for their quality and technology.

In the following years Movilift expands its horizon, thanks to a efficient team and state of the art products, selling in over 40 nations worldwide, satisfying customers with our Made In Italy.

What can we say other that after 20 years we are just getting started

Our Mission

Movilift is committed to provide the best possible experience to our customers, you can rely on Movilift expertise on the field to solve any needs.

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