Man City: John Barnes; why Arsenal will win

Man City: John Barnes; why Arsenal will win
Man City: John Barnes; why Arsenal will win

The Gunners are currently at the top of the table and are five points ahead of second-placed Man City.

Liverpool legend John Barnes has explained why he thinks Arsenal will bottle up the 2022-23 Premier League title.

Arsenal, Brighton’s next opponent, have won 13 of their first 15 games and lost only once.

Arteta’s side failed to break into the top four last season but they look different this time around and look much stronger since their summer deals.

But Arsenal have big tests ahead – meeting third-placed Newcastle United on January 3 – ahead of face-to-face clashes with big six colleagues Tottenham and Manchester United in a crucial month for the club.

Barnes admits he ‘could change his mind’ but at the moment he doesn’t think Arsenal have what it takes to finish against Pep Guardiola’s Man City, which have won four of five titles in the Premier League.

“Yes, I would still say, Manchester City is the favorite for the championship, because of their experience,” Barnes told BonusCodeBets.

“Arsenal is still young and doing very well like Newcastle, maybe I’m wrong but given their youth, I don’t expect them to still not lose a game.

“While you can’t see Man City losing many games, but the closer they get if they’re still 5 or 6 points ahead, maybe I’ll change my mind.

“But I still think because of their youth, in February and March, where it’s not about playing well, but making games and winning even if you don’t play well, can Arsenal do that in a consistent way at the end of the season to knock Man City out? I don’t think they can, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Arsenal will face Man City at the Emirates on February 15 before the clash returns to the Etihad on April 26.

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