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Indictment Against Peter Obi Over Abuja Deal

Former National Chairman of the APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomohole, has made serious allegations against Peter Obi.

Edo’s former governor has blamed the Labor Party presidential candidate for Nigeria’s high unemployment rate.

Oshiomhole said Obi has the largest mall in Abuja and all goods are finished products.

Labor Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi has been accused of being responsible for Nigeria’s high unemployment rate.

This claim was made by former All Progressive Congress (APC) national chairman Adams Oshiomohole, who recently finished campaigning in the Auchi region of Edo. Oshiomole claimed Obi was already contributing to unemployment in Nigeria by importing finished goods, Vanguard reports.

Obi has the largest shopping mall in Abuja, according to the former governor of Edo, and all the goods in the complex are imported.

He said: “Obi owns the largest mall in Abuja and all the goods sold there are imported.”, he creates jobs abroad and imports the unemployed into Nigeria, thus contributing to why Nigeria is declining.”

In other related news

As preparations continue for Labor party, Peter Obi says his most important asset is confidence.

The former Anambra state governor said Nigerians are suffering from a lack of leadership and cannot afford to make the wrong choice in 2023.

2023 Labor presidential candidate Peter Obi says his most valuable asset is his credibility.

As the weekend leading up to the February 25 presidential election looms, Obi said, Nigeria and its people can no longer risk their fate and future with incompetent leaders.

The former Anambra governor has warned voters not to compromise in the upcoming election, but the fact that Nigerians can trust him is his greatest asset.

He said “We can no longer play with our destinies and our future.

More importantly, Nigerians have faith in me.

Nigeria must work for its people and function as a viable platform or country.

Overall, Mr Obi said Nigerians must be able to live safely and securely wherever they live – this is the government’s first duty.

The desire to retake Nigeria is almost unanimous. We may be used to the old order. But you cannot vote for corruption, ruthlessness, impunity and the continuation of poverty.

Deprivation does not become a habit. Nigerians want a better life. “Nigeria desperately needs reformist leadership.”

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