NIN slip: How to change date of birth

What to do when you discover an error in your date of birth (DOB) or name on your NIN slip it is possible your name was spelt wrongly, or there was an omission, or maybe the arrangement of the name was not properly done.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced that all errors or mistakes on the National Identification Number can be corrected easily on the NIMC portal.

Going by this announcement, you can now change the wrong name on your NIN slip, all you need to do is visit the NIMC portal to change your name on your NIN slip.

Below is the step by step process on how to correct and change the name written on your slip.

What you can Change on the NIN Slip.

It is important to know that not all the details on your NIN can be corrected.

There are updatable fields and non-updateable fields.

Updatable Fields on NIN

These are the details on your NIN slip that can be updated:

Date of Birth
Phone Number
Place of Birth – State
Place of Birth – LGA
Place of Birth – Country
Place of Origin – State
Place of Origin – Town and Village
Place of Origin – LGA
Father’s NIN
Father’s Town and Village of Origin
Father’s State of Origin
Father’s LGA of Origin
Mother’s NINNpower Recruitment
Mother’s Town and Village of Origin
Mother’s State of Origin
Mother’s LGA of Origin

Non-Updatable Fields on NIN
These are the details on your NIN slip that cannot be updated::

National identification number
State of Registration
LGA of Registration
Registration Centre
Polling Unit
Date of Death
Date of Death Type
Tracking Number
Date of Registration
Originating Centre
Loading Centre
ID Card Number
Finger Print
Finger Print Reason

Requirements to change Date of Birth

Original Birth certificate or affidavit of declaration of age.

Evidence of Remita payment in favour of national id commission (#15,000).

Official application to the D.G requesting a change of your DOB
and some or all of the documents listed below.

  1. WAEC (must display dob)
  2. NECO
  3. Voters card
  4. Drivers license
  5. first school leaving certificate
  6. any document that can substantiate your claim

Note that the fee paid for this service is non-refundable and the commission reserves the right to dismiss your application if found to be false or if you do not provide enough source documents to back your claim.

Requirements to Change Your Name on NIN

To change your name on your NIN slip, you will be required to provide the following documents:

You will be required to pay a service fee of N500 for the procedure. You are expected to pay the service through Remita.

Original copy of the slip with the incorrect name.

Printout of the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number issued to you at the bank after making the required payment, or a printout showing payment details, if payment was made online.

An application letter for the change of name with reasons. (The application letter must be signed by the applicant).

Supporting documents to back up your proposed change.

The following are the required supporting documents for change of name on NIN:
Sworn Affidavit
Newspaper Extract
Marriage Certificate (in cases of marriage)

How to Change Your Name on NIN

To change your name on NIN, follow the procedures below:

Visit the nearest enrolment centre close to you, with your application letter and supporting documents

Inform the attendant that you wish to correct the name on your NIN slip.

A data modification form will be issued to you.

Fill and submit the data modification form alongside your application letter and supporting documents.

Your documents will then be vetted by the NIMC official to confirm if the information is correct.

The NIMC official will then proceed to enter your pre-filled information into the NIMC software.

You will be asked to confirm your details once again by the official. Check for any errors before proceeding.

Your biometric data will be captured afterwards.

After the procedure is done, a transaction ID slip will be given to you as evidence of the transaction.

Your previous NIN slip will be retained by the NIMC official.

You will be asked to come back to the NIMC office within the next 2-5 working days.

After the waiting period has passed, a new slip having the same NIN number but with the corrected name will be issued to you.

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