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Free Fair and Credible Elections come 2023

Free Fair and Credible Elections come 2023

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has assured Nigerians of it’s readiness to conduct free fair and credible elections come 2023.


l came to this concussion (carryout your franchise come 2023) through the clear evidence of the commission’s introduction of Biomodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) as well as programs and policies put in place to curb, and tackle vote buying through it’s collaborative efforts with other security agencies across the country.

Initially l thought voting during election in this country is equivalent to waste of time and energy as the votes of the citizens are widely believed not to count.

Gone are those days when I usually have negative thought regarding the election of this country.

But presently reverse is the case as l am optimistic that the results of the 2023 general election shall be positive and void of magics and manipulation simply due to what l describe as ” the commission’s introduction of innovation to salvage the election system in this our soon to be great country Nigeria”.

I therefore enjoin all eligible registered voters to go and get their PVCs and vote for intelligent, corruption free, and all encompassing political aspirants as all our votes will greatly count to some great extent if not one-hundred percent which by extension will serve as a stepping stone to a NEW NIGERIA we all yearn for.

Evidences that attest to this claim that our votes will greatly count come 2023 and hence forth in this country include but are not limited to;

The introduction and use of Biomodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) which is an electronic device designed to read Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) and authenticate voters using fingerprints in order to prove that they are eligible to vote at a particular unit.

In the words of INEC chairman professor Mahmood Yakubu, ”BVAS will also replace Z- pad for uploading of the polling unit results to the INEC Result viewing portal (IRev) in real time on election day.

This in turn will curb manipulation of election results.

Furthermore, INEC has also put modalities in place to ensure availability of spare parts of BVAS machines to be used by it’s staffs on the the day of election Incase of malfunctioning of one or unforeseen circumstances.

In addition, INEC has expanded it’s security architecture by collaborating with security agencies such as EFCC, the police, and many more agencies to arrest, prosecute vote buyers, as well as other election defaulters on the election day, including sponsors of bailout box snatchers if caught.

This will also help greatly to achieve the free fair and credible elections you and I yearn for come 2023.

Results obtained from the Anambra and Osun state elections are sources of encouragement too.

In a nutshell, BVAS will disappoint politicians who thinks that they will have their way through rigging and irregularities come 2023.

The additional massive new registered voters shows that Nigeria citizens are now wiser and determined to elect true leaders that will bring about the needed economical, infrastructural, Technological, educational and man power development we all yearn for.



Abel Stephen writes from Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) Effuru Delta State, Nigeria.

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