Brazil vs Korea: Qatar Round of 16 World Cup

Brazil vs Korea: Qatar Round of 16 World Cup 2022
South Korea and Brasil

Brazil was simply irresistible in the first half against Korea. They went into halftime 4-0 and the score could easily have been seven or eight.

Yes, South Korea has caused problems for themselves by pushing the pitch too deep and leaving too few players behind, but Brazil still has to figure out how to exploit and capitalize on that.

There will only be one winner after Vinícius’s first goal, soon followed by Neymar’s penalty.

The third and fourth goals were beautiful; Richarlison and Lucas Paquetà complete quick and sharp passes.

With this form, nothing stopped Brazil, who had the best of praise for Pelé, from watching from his hospital bed in São Paolo.

The second half was not as exciting as Brazil slowed down and South Korea adopted much less kamikaze play.

But it’s all about the performance in the first half, which will scare off the rest of the nations in the competition.

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Final words to Neymar, who became the third Brazilian, after Pelé and Ronaldo, to score in three World Cups:

“Achieving these important milestones is a source of great pride. I never imagined I would go there, I’m really happy.

Round of 16 Qatar World Cup 2022 ends tomorrow!

There are two round of 16 matches left to play:

Morocco vs Spain, 10am ET

Portugal vs Switzerland, 2pm ET

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