Amah Receives Special Promotion for Refusing Bride

Police Service Commission (PSC) announces special promotion to CSP Daniel Amah for refusing $200,000 bribe to the rank of Assistant Police Officer (ACP)

Commission spokeswoman Azuka Ogugua issued a statement in Abuja on Friday. Mrs Ogugua said the officer also received a total of N1 million from the PSC as compensation and encouragement for maintaining police integrity.

Amah was recently presented with the 2022 Public Service Integrity Award by the President, Muhammadu Buhari at the 4th National Summit on Combating Corruption in the Public Sector.

This event was organized by the Independent Commission on Corruption and Other Related Crimes (ICPC) in partnership with the Office of the Chief of Staff (OSGF) and the Joint Admissions Board (JAMB).

PSC Chairman Justice Clara Ogunbiyi, a former Supreme Court Justice, said Amah represented the integrity and good character of a worthy police officer.

Justice Ogunbiyi said the rewards and special promotions will help to boost the morale of all police officers to always do the right thing.

“On April 24, 2022, a suspect, Mr. Ali Zaki, was able to sell $750,000 to a currency exchange company Bureau de change, at the rate of N430, which was N322,500,000.

However, the suspect arranged an armed robbery to kill the victim while the money was being transported.

An investigation was initiated when the matter was reported to the Kano State Police, where SP Daniel Amah was the DPO (Divisional Police Officer).

During the course of the investigation, we identified Mr. Zaki, the prime suspect in offering Amah $200,000 to have the case buried by a bank staff who was quickly arrested, which also led to the arrest of the suspect, and $200,000 was recovered and registered as an exhibit,” explains Ogunbiyi.

The Nigerian News Agency (NAN) reports that the ICPC last month also awarded Amah the 2022 Public Service Integrity Award.

ICPC Chair Professor Bolaji Owasanoye described the new ACP as a respected civil servant who, against all odds, rejected corruption and compromise.

“I am particularly pleased that the winners hail from the Nigerian Police, an institution that is often ridiculed, vilified and underappreciated. One was also a police officer.

At an anti-corruption summit in Abuja, Owasanoye said, “I commend the Police Inspector General for creating these beacons in the desert of despair. Amah, an indigenous person from Jos East, Plateau State, joined the Nigerian Police in 2002 as a cadet.

He currently serves as the DPO for the Bonpai Police Department, Nasarawa Local Government Area, Kano State.

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