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Actor, Yul Edochie publicly apologises to first wife

Actor, Yul Edochie publicly apologises to first wife

‘I didn’t mean to disrespect you,’ Actor, Yul Edochie publicly apologises to first wife

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has tendered a public apology to his first wife, May, over his decision to marry another wife.

The actor introduced Judy Austin, an actress, as his second wife in April 2022 while announcing that they both had a son together.

Eight months later, Yul decided to tender a public apology to his wife for his actions, affirming that he did not mean to disrespect her.

The filmmaker also revealed how he had apologised to May countless times before coming out with the public apology.

Edochie, in his apology post, said, “To my dear wife, Queen May Yul-Edochie. I acknowledge that I hurt you deeply and I’ve apologised to you countless times.

“I take the blame for my actions. I agree with you that polygamy shouldn’t be forced on anyone. You never bargained for it from the beginning neither did I. But I guess life happens. You already know the whole story.

“I didn’t do it to disrespect you. I didn’t do it to replace you, nor because I do not love you anymore, no. I have always loved you and always will.

“I’ve been a good husband and a wonderful father. I’ve supported all your hustle from day one. I have been an exceptional father to our children to date, making sure they lack nothing and always there for everyone.

“Out of 100, I have done 99 things right. Hating me because of one thing isn’t the best. Nobody is perfect. I’m not. You’re not. Nobody is, except God.

“I assure you that nobody is trying to take your place. I have apologised to you countless times sincerely from my heart.

“I’m sorry. I’ve always loved you and always will. Butuo nwanyi oma. We can live peacefully and happily.”

Recall that after he announced his second marriage to Judy, May clearly stated that her belief do not allow for polygamy.

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