30 dead in Russian missile strike on Ukraine

30 dead in Russian missile strike on Ukraine
30 dead in Russian missile strike on Ukraine

The death toll from a Russian missile strike in the southeastern city of Dnipro Ukraine, rose to 30 on Sunday as first responders picked through the rubble of an apartment building looking for survivors and bodies.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at least 73 people were injured Saturday when the explosions smashed through all nine floors of the building that housed an estimated 1,700 people.

“It was possible to save dozens of people, wounded, traumatized,” Zelenskyy said. “Among them are children; the youngest girl is 3 years old.”

By Sunday afternoon, 39 people had been rescued and the city government in Dnipro said 43 people were reported missing.

More than 20 of the 30 missiles launched toward Ukrainian targets were shot down, Zelenskyy said. The attacks also targeted the capital, Kyiv, and the northeastern city of Kharkiv. Energy infrastructure again took a pounding, a common theme for Russian attacks in recent months.

This is clearly terrorism and all this is simply not human,” local Artem Myzychenko, said as he cleared rubble.

Zelenskyy said repair crews would work around the clock to restore power generation.

“The enemy will receive our answer (to the strikes) on the battlefield for sure,” Zelenskyy said. “Our soldiers will do that.”

Other developments:

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his “special military operation” is going according to plan. In an interview with the Rossiya-1 TV, he said “the dynamics are positive. Everything is developing within the plan of the defense ministry and the general staff.”

On Sunday, Russian forces attacked a residential area in the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, wounding two people, regional Gov. Yaroslav Yanushevych said in a Telegram post.

Russia’s Defense Ministry said Sunday that it achieved its goal in Saturday’s strikes. It said missiles were fired “on the military command and control system of Ukraine and related energy facilities” and did not mention residential strikes and deaths.

Authorities in Moldova said Sunday that specialist teams have carried out “controlled detonations” of explosives that were discovered in parts of rocket debris that border officials found in a northern village near the country’s border with Ukraine.

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